Massage is a wonderful tool for sustaining optimal health. As we age, more and more of the habitual stresses we have placed on our body become evident by limited movement, chronic tightness or pain. These physical signs are not meant to just slow your lifestyle down. They are alerting you to make changes. 


Most people know that their quality of life could improve if they began eating healthier; exercising more; limiting caffeine or alcohol; getting more quality sleep; and avoiding emotional stress. But as basic as they sound, behavioral changes are often very hard to make.


You might yearn to signup for a bootcamp or bust through a PX90 workout and would love to prepare gourmet organic cuisine, but dealing with the overwhelming responsibility of work, kids, traffic, and chores has you so zapped of energy you decide only the rich and famous, or young and single can afford to devote that much effort towards personal health. 


This is where massage can come to your rescue. It is a wonderful first step towards wellness. Every minute of a massage should feel amazing. As you relax, that tingling of your scalp, that tightness melting away as you sink into the soft warm table, those constant ropey knots that seemed permanent finally releasing after the well placed pressure of an elbow followed by the squeezing that seems to dissolve the former tension into a pliable putty. The sudden pleasurable awareness that even your hips, legs, and feet were storing tension too, but now they feel lighter. And finally the rolling of each little toe lifts your deeply entranced self a little higher as if floating  above the massage table. 


This is the place of peace and comfort massage induces that makes you grateful to be in your body, no matter how in shape it is. Massage induces an affinity for your corporeal self in a way that opens your heart.  It replenishes your depleted energy stores so that you can go back to the demands of your life with a renewed sense of well being and positive outlook. And even better, it reminds your body how it is supposed to feel-fluid and aligned. This awareness helps you realize and modify the postural behaviors that cause your body's alarms to go off so that you can maintain balance and be free of pain.


And when you feel this energized, free, and balanced you have that extra bit you need to help you make the changes you want in your lifestyle. So that you can smile and embrace a healthy, happy me.